A designer partnering with teams and companies worldwide, crafting beautiful products and experiences. Not available to take on new clients and projects at the moment. But if you need help executing bold ideas, big bets, and grand visions – let’s discuss.

Qapital is a banking app helping people make the most out of their money. As the founding designer, I worked on everything from early prototypes to features making it the everyday banking app it is today.

Tictail was* an e-commerce platform and marketplace for independent brands and designers. I helped them develop a design system allowing for strong brand expression while maintaining consistency.
* Acquired by Shopify in November 2018

Yesterday is an app making photo printing accessible and straightforward. Out of a self-experienced frustration with the ephemeral nature of mobile photography I invented and built Yesterday.

Readmill was* a reading platform – letting readers track their progress, take notes, and discuss with peers. As the first designer, I established the foundational design principles and core experience.
* Acquired by Dropbox in March 2014

Viaplay is the leading streaming service of live sport, TV series, and feature films in the Nordics. I partnered with the in-house design team to bring their mobile, tablet, and TV apps to market.

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